Sunday, January 29, 2006

Competitive Intelligence, Document Management, & Corporate Memory Report

Competitive Intelligence,
Document Management, & Corporate Memory

Document Management
Business Challenges
  • The ability to create secure digital documents for distribution to collaborators, clients, and internal staff.  

  • Tracking changes to these documents; collecting and consolidating these revisions; and finally gaining approval to distribute any particular version.  
Examples of Need
  • Current collaborations with Cytomyx require a secure mechanism for  sharing, editing, and signing digital documents—such as proposals and contracts.  In the near future, this collaborative need will likely extend to ATCC and other partners in our translational medicine network.  

  • An RFP response system will require the capacity to share documents along predetermined workflows to ensure content development by individuals with appropriate expertise.  In turn, this content will need to be commented on and revised by the appropriate before being approved.  Depending the proposal’s scope, distribution, revision, and approval may need to occur across internal /  external lines.  

  • A crisp, clean, and configurable replacement for ServiceWeb that communicates a higher level of professionalism to our customers than our current solution.
Solution Requirements
  • Creation and distribution of secure digital documents.

  • Document versioning

  • Definable, viewer dependent read / write permissions

  • Collection and consolidation of revisions from multiple reviewers

  • Document accessibility and revise-ability across multiple operating systems

  • Workflow based distribution / routing  
Recommended Solution

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0

  • Document creation, versioning, permissioning, and commenting

  • Accessible across platforms

  • Traction Software

  •   Workflow based distribution and progress tracking

Competitive Intelligence
Business Challenges
Examples of Need
Solution Requirements
Recommended Solution
  • ….

Corporate Memory / Knowledge Management  
Business Challenges
Examples of Need
Solution Requirements
Recommended Solution
  • ….

  • A competitive intelligence system to generate strategic information on both competitors and customers.  The system should support data harvesting from both internal and external sources; in addition, it should provide a collaborative web-based work environment for analysis and communication between dispersed employees.  

  • A corporate knowledge management system (historical memory system) to make available past business information for today’s needs, and today’s information for the future needs.  The system must support rapid content search and retrieval of all digital documents—reports, proposals, agendas, emails, meeting notes, and the like….

The solutions presented above are all secure, enterprise level solutions that will more than adequately meet our needs.  However, each of these solutions have been highly tailored towards a need for price sensitivity and consequently, are interdependent on each other.  That is, I selected solutions with strengths and weaknesses to complement each other. While my recommendations look a bit “non-traditional” on the surface, the end result is $5,000 solution instead of a $15-25k.  


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