Sunday, January 29, 2006

Competitive Intelligence Info

Competitive Intelligence Info


Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

Comments on enterprise blogging:
  • facilitate knowledge management (KM), organisation memory (OM) and collective activity across units/locations through group blogs published on the corporate intranet, supplementing or replacing information sharing through mechanisms such as Lotus Notes

  • enhance competitor intelligence, equipping executives and staff with a flow of news items or other information from outside the information and enabling those readers to 'value add' by commenting on such news feeds
Resources for Enterprise Blogging
Examples of Enterprise Blogs
Google MiniLearn more

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This might be a reasonable tool for searching competitive intel bloggs.

Knowledge management blog site.

So, what am I looking for in a blogging tool? I’m imagining something that will interface with and allow users to append comments and documents to accounts, contacts, and opportunities. already allow some functionality in this regard; however documents and attached notes aren’t searchable in any sort of usable, searchable, digestable fashion. A blog interface would allow users to add comments, documents, and other resources in a searchable fashion. So, I need to find a solution that will enable easy to use searching and ………..
An other thing, the blog platform will need to be hosted on our internal site (I assume). This will prevent security issues and keep our content secure and private. However, there is some advantage to being able to publish some content to the out side world for comment and collaboration.

On another note, knowledge management (KM as it seems to be refered to) , document management,

The ideal solution would provide tools for knowledge management, organizational learning, document management, document collaboration, and allow for collaborative work environments to support our work.

In reality, what I’m really looking for is a tool that will allow users of salesforce to comment on accounts , opportunities, and contacts in free text. However, this must be coupled with the ability to capture and search these comments. For example, users should be able to look at an account for a competitor and query information such as recent product and service offerings. Hum…

This leads to in an interesting question…. How will data on these companies get populated? There should be an auto population of related news stories and other content from the web. There should also exist the ability for users to enter information.
Use scenarios:

I learn that a competitor is planning to launch a new product. I need to record and distribute this information so that it can be converted in leverage. That is, it needs to be funneled to the correct people for action. For example, Maria may want to initiate a product comparison project for the new offering. This project could then be completed in a collaborative work space. She, and the rest of the organization, could following the development of the project and help guide its progress in real time. This would prevent the possibility of a project veering off course and wasting significant resources. Members post comments, which guide the projects progression; add content, and make the use of all available resources.
The finished document can then be posted or attached to the competitors account in Rather, the new information is clipped to the accounts weblog or blog.
Ok, assuming that this information can be searched and be made readily available to those in the need, how then to convert all the free text information


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