Tuesday, February 21, 2006

» Some predictions for the coming 'mashosphere' | Enterprise Web 2.0 | ZDNet.com

» Some predictions for the coming 'mashosphere' | Enterprise Web 2.0 | ZDNet.com: "Mashups tools arrive, and fall short initially. Weaving together the data and functionality from multiple Web services is the one part of mashups that isn't as easy as it looks. Modern browsers and server toolkits now make it easy to get data from Web services. But once you've got have data loaded up in the browser, doing the actual slicing, filtering, transforming, and swizzling of data within your mashup isn't for the faint of heart. This is the area still requiring arcane skill with things like XSLT and XPath. Pointing and clicking your way through this is still a ways off. The first and probably second wave of tools just won't be able to elide this problem very well. I do predict that it's solveable but at the real danger, whoops, I mean benefit of putting application development into business analyst's hands."


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