Monday, March 20, 2006

Slashdot | Open Source R&D Tax Credit?

Slashdot This piece suggests that an R&D tax credit for open source development efforts would benefit society as a whole by, esentially, broadening scope and depth of the "community tool box." I happen to really like the idea because it seems to suggest a mechanism for harnessing the strengths of captialisms competitive nature for public good in way that would help sustain and support an exponential growth curve in the human capacity to innovate. That is, making the open source model more economically practicall for individual firms inturns increases the pace of innovation and subsequent benefits for society as a whole by promotng innoviations that not only solve current problems but provide launch pads for future innovation. | Open Source R&D Tax Credit?: "'The Center for American Progress is proposing an R&D tax credit for open source development.' From the article: 'Subsidizing open source software development can also be justified on grounds of economic efficiency. Open source software development enhances the ability of other developers to create new products. It also enhances the development and dissemination of knowledge and ideas more broadly. Since the benefits to the broader software development community and the economy as a whole go well beyond the users of an individual software product, a policy that subsidizes open source development would increase economic efficiency.'"


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